Martin Salter, CEO of WOSUP – Leading the Charge Against Single-Use Plastics

Martin Salter is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sydney-based social impact enterprise, War On Single Use Plastic (WOSUP). Martin and long-time friend (and WOSUP Co-Founder) Karl Page were drinking beers at the footy when they found themselves sitting amid a sea of empty plastic cups. They began reusing their cups and contemplating an eco-friendly solution. WOSUP Australia was born.

By creating 100% reusable and infinitely recyclable aluminium cups and providing integrated services, complete with fan engagement technology, WOSUP offers a meaningful solution for public-facing service industries to ditch single-use plastic cups. WOSUP’s lightweight, aluminium cups are the perfect fit for major sport and entertainment venues, festivals, clubs, pubs, cinemas, hospitality and tourism attractions. What’s more, they keep drinks colder, for longer.

As eco-warriors, Martin and Karl also formed a tree planting partnership with Australia’s first carbon offset provider, Greenfleet. With every use of a WOSUP cup – collected from venues, hygienically cleaned, returned and reused, before being recycled – patrons can revel in the knowledge they’ve delivered a carbon reduction of 3kg CO₂-e.

Did you know? Aluminium stakes its claim as the most recycled material on the planet. While only 9% of all plastic ever made has been recycled, 75% of all aluminium produced remains in use.