In this episode, Lindy Hughson, Managing Editor & Publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with the co-founders of social impact enterprise WOSUP, Martin Salter (CEO) and Karl Page (COO) about their company and its war on single-use plastic pollution in the context of disposable cups used at events. With over 500 billion disposable cups used annually across the globe, many of them end up polluting our waterways and Australians are a big contributor to the problem.

Martin starts by telling us about the motivating force that lead to the establishment of WOSUP and its sustainable, circular solution that provides non-plastic, reusable alternatives to disposable cups. Karl then goes into more detail about the product and service proposition, explaining how it is a more sustainable solution than the current single-use disposable cups.

The discussion then moves on to WOSUP’s target market and its engagement to date with these organisations before covering how the start-up reached its current choice of material and its alignment with WOSUP’s ethical objectives.

We also discuss WOSUP’s use of Bluetooth, RFID and QR codes to provide a digital platform and enhanced data for its commercial partners. Martin discusses the challenges and roadblocks the duo experienced, and then they both talk about the roll-out plan for WOSUP in Australia and the other markets they’re assessing.